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1001 Washington Street
San Carlos, CA, 94070

650 533-3414

About Us


Nine years ago, a few wine-loving friends with diverse skills and talents began making
wine. Season by season, we immersed
ourselves in the fine art of winemaking - honing our craft, mastering the science,
embracing every little thing about the process and the experience. Who knew when we
first began that the joy of making great wine would so capture our vino-passionate
hearts and never let go. 

On a beautiful Bay Area day, after tasting our luscious

2012 Carneros Pinot Noir, we looked around at each other and agreed, "Let's do this."
And, Old County Cellars was born. 

After two years of leasing space from another local winery, Old County Cellars with the support of their wonderful customers, will be opening their own tasting room. 

Stay tuned as we prepare for our Grand Opening - We couldn't be more excited!

We will stay true to our mission 


Our mission: Keep it small and keep it local. We source our hand-picked grapes from
growers we call friends in and around San Mateo County, Santa Cruz Mountains, Napa,
El Dorado and Chiles valleys. We are involved in every drop produced by Old County
Cellars. Our commitment: Only make wines that we love to drink. Our promise:
That you'll love our wines as much as we do. Salute!

- Dan, Jim, Jeff and Toni